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The place where you’ll learn to command the stage and scale up your expert business.

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Hot topics for your Podcast feature with Colin:

  1. How to use your Signature story to Sell your programs.
  2. How to Speak and Sell on Stage. (without feeling pushy or sales-y)
  3. The Mindset for Speaking with Confidence.

Unique talking points and questions with Colin:

  • How can someone become confident on stage or webinar?
  • What’s the latest ideas for selling on stage, that are actually working in the new marketplace?
  • How can you sell on stage without coming across pushy and salesy?
  • What are the 6 levels of persuasive speaking?
  • How can you discover your signature story and use it to Sell your programs?
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Why Colin’s a good guest:

  • We have 15,000+ direct email subscribers, a total social reach of 20,000+ and growing everyday. We will email them and promote the show for you.
  • I’m good at articulating clear actionable ideas that your audience can actually use.
  • I’m not gonna take 28mins to answer one question! I’m aware that you also have an agenda for the episode and I’ll respect that.

Funny things you can

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Male modeling

Total lack of direction

Stuff you might need from Colin

Official Bio

Colin helps experts, course creators and coaches to speak confidently on stage to sell...without coming across pushy or sales-y. He’s obsessed with creating step-by-step strategies that anyone can follow to become both confident and powerful at speaking and selling on live stage, webinar and video. As a keynote speaker for over 10 years he brings a depth of experience that few have to entertain and also move an audience to action. He’s best know for Sell From Stage Academy™️ which is the leading program for growing your business through speaking. He lives in Newport Beach, California with his amazing wife and two little kids.

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Persuasive Content Builder
Sell With Story Guide

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