How to run a $73,000 Beta Offer w/ Jessica Hughes

Imagine making your first Beta offer and generating $73,000. That's exactly what I'll be dissecting today on the podcast with our Sell From Stage Academy® student Jessica Hughes. Jessica started our program with no offer and no audience. She followed the Sell From Stage Formula to a T, and this led to her making almost 6-Figures the first time she launched! In this episode, I asked the hard questions around how she created such a successful offer (especially for the fact that this was her first one!) Let this story inspire you and motivate you to create the dreams you've always wanted!

And, want some even BETTER NEWS?

We are currently in open enrollment for Sell From Stage Academy® (This only happens a few days per year)

This is the exact system Jessica used to have such success so fast.

After listening to Jessica's story, if you are ready to also make thousands of dollars every time you present, then make sure to register before it closes on Oct 14th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

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