Ep. 23 Discovering Your Signature Story: Part One

If you want to become a confident and persuasive speaker there’s one thing you need: your signature story. In this two-part training series, we’re going to be unpacking how this powerful tool can transform the way you sell your product. In part one, we’ll be looking at the philosophy of story and I’m also going to take you through a practical exercise to discover an experience that you can tell signature story from. PLUS I’ve got some really cool gifts to give away as a part of this training so make sure you listen to the whole thing, I’ve kept it short but it’s really going to make a big impact. I’ll be back with part two next week to share the structure of story and draw out the concepts and ideas in your signature story so you can use them to engage and even enroll people in your programs! Trust me, you need this tool in your business.







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