[Case Study] $300K to $600K in 3 months w/ Verena Tschudi

Most of the coaches I work with are on the cusp of a big breakthrough. They just need a push in the right direction. They usually have the content, the course, the knowledge, etc.. in place but they don’t have the vehicle in place that systematically delivers that content in a manner that takes their audience from “interested” to “raving fan/customer”. This was the case with a student of mine and guest on this week’s episode, Verena Tschudi. In this episode, she reveals how she went from being stuck at $300k for 3 years to $600k in just a couple of months after joining my ELITE program.  

If you are a coach or course creator that is currently at or making more than $5,000 a month and is ready to scale up to $50,000+, send me a DM on my Instagram @colinboyd with the word "Elite" and I'd be happy to chat if you are a right fit for what we do.

Verena’s Instagram: @verena.tschudi

Discover how to authentically connect with your audience & fill your programs with a Conversion Story.


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