Becoming A Highly Paid Speaker w/ Jacob Morgan

The road to becoming a highly paid speaker has many paths. But there are certain foundational fundamentals that almost all highly paid speakers have in place that got them to where they are. There’s always a caveat though… if you’re a celebrity of some sort you get to jump the line & bypass these fundamentals. But for us mere mortals, it takes consistent effort. Stacking building block on top of building block until the tide turns in our favor. This is exactly how my guest on this week’s episode, Jacob Morgan, became a highly paid speaker - speaking at over 50 events per year!

On this episode, Jacob shares with you… 

  • How he stacked credibility to become a highly sought after speaker
  • Why vulnerability is super powerful when it is accompanied by leadership (he explains exactly how to do this)
  • His simple but effective book writing process that has helped him become a best selling author 
  • And more!

Jacob’s website:

Jacob’s new book:

Discover how to authentically connect with your audience & fill your programs with a Conversion Story.

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