Building A Million Dollar Brand w/ Jamal Miller

Building a brand that actually becomes known and trusted follows a specific formula. One shift that most experts brand would benefit from is to clearly identify the external issue your customer has and connect it with an internal issue.  For example, entrepreneurs think they need money but what they really need is a strategy. My guest today - Jamal Miller utilized this strategy, among many others discussed on this episode, that allowed him to go from food stamps to 7 figures ridiculously fast. So fast that he doesn't even remember making his first 6 figures.

In this episode we discuss:

- The power of a membership program and how Jamal set his up to create a community that breeds a family feel & strategic growth for his members

- How people actually value your struggles more than your success - this is key to getting them to trust you

- Being the best in your area of expertise isn't necessarily going to get you the best results but Jamal reveals what will

- And a whole lot more... You don't want to miss this episode!

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