How to Start A Mastermind

As a business owner, surrounding yourself with the right people can catapult your business to levels you cannot take yourself. Sure, for a short time you can do things alone and try to work it out yourself, but at a certain point your growth will be hindered if you aren't around people who will help take you to the next level.  

This is exactly why I’m  personally actively involved in paid Mastermind groups. They have given me access to networks and strategies that I could have never created on my own. 

In this episode I reveal the five big mistakes that people make when they start a Mastermind group or they consider joining a Mastermind group. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to design a Mastermind experience for your clients that is exceptional, and it will also help you to decide whether a Mastermind group is a right fit for you.

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We’ve decided to open up a NEW high-level Mastermind group in 2023. This is for established Expert business owners who want to have access to high-level entrepreneurs and grow their business beyond a million dollars.

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