How to run 7 x 7-Figure Launches in a Row w/Stephen & Chelsey Diaz

Have you ever wondered what kind of offers, strategies, and promotions experts use to generate a 7 figure launch? While all businesses are different, it's always great to get a peak behind the curtain to see what the best of the best are doing to fill their programs & have a 7figure launch. In fact, my guests today, Stephen & Chelsey Diaz do just that and peel back the curtain while explaining how they did 7 7figure launches in a row! 

In this episode you'll discover: 

- The 2 main catalysts that helped them go from wedding photographers to quitting their jobs and having multiple 7 figure launches.

- How they are able to sell a $5800 program to the same audience that others struggle to sell a $97 product to.

- Why your community is your best resource to help you scale and outsource a lot of the heavy lifting - which helps you free up time and earn more.

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