Copy Conversion Secrets w/ Hollie Tkac

Have you ever sent an email to your list and heard crickets? This happens way too often for many coaches and it's because most don't understand how to create genuine connection.  You can go to so much effort to share your content on social media and even run a launch, but if you don't have copywriting that first connects with your audience and then converts them into clients a lot of the efforts can go wasted. 

This is the exact reason why I wanted to bring on copywriting expert (and our ELITE Copywriting Coach) Hollie Tkac. In this episode we dive deep into the secrets of creating conversion copy (without coming off pushy and sales-y)

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The difference between writing an email that gets no response compared to one that gets you a crazy amount of sales
  • Simple practical tweaks that you can make to your next email that will increase open rates and caused your audience to go wild for your stuff
  • The big mistakes that many coaches make that cause their emails to have low engagement and low sales (we will fix these quickly and easily for you)

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