BioHacking For Entrepreneurs w/ Tanessa Shears

Your overall energy is one of the secrets to building a successful expert business. As coaches, content creators, and speakers we must ensure that our energy is high at all times. The problem is that most entrepreneurs tend to put their health on the back burner while they try to grow their business. In this episode, I interviewed Health Consultant Tanessa Shears on how you can biohack your life as an entrepreneur to reduce brain fog, increase your energy and have the best sleep you've ever wanted.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How to reduce brain fog using simple strategies before you go to sleep (so you wake up feeling energized and ready to face your day)
  • The specific foods and liquids you must avoid because they reduce your energy and lower your quality of thinking which leads to poor business decisions
  • How to create the best quality sleep and therefore increase your overall energy tenfold.

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Here are Tanessa Shears Details:

Podcast: Becoming Limitless

Entrepreneur’s Playbook (12 Ways to Biohack Your Energy) 

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