Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck w/ Bobby Klinck

Email can be one of the most powerful tools for you as an entrepreneur. But, most coaches and course creators are doing it completely wrong. Email is effective when you use it as a vehicle to build a strong connection and ultimately convert them into your programs. In this episode, we unpack with email marketing expert Bobby Klinck exactly how to stop writing emails that suck and start creating ones that your audience looks forward to opening each week. Bobby has just released a new book called Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why your weekly newsletter will never give you the results you want and exactly what to do instead
  • The secret to connecting with your audience through personal stories (this will give you so many great ideas for your email marketing)
  • Why the 'click through' rate doesn't matter and the real focus you should have with your emails.
  • Bobby's new book "Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck" and the strategies you can use right away.

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