The Point Of Sale Breakthrough

One of the hardest parts of growing your business is the moment when you make an offer. For so many coaches and course creators, this can be a really uncomfortable transition. Maybe you're running a webinar and you've taught some great content and then you have to transition into your pitch. Or you're having a one-to-one call with a prospect and you want to invite them into your program. This transition point is what I called the point of sale.  In this episode I talked about how to feel more comfortable making an offer to your audience so that you grow your business, make more money and serve more people.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The simple acknowledgment strategy I use to move past my fear and into confidence when I'm about to pitch to an audience
  • The one thing you should be thinking about when you are about to make an offer, and it's got nothing to do with making money
  • My journey from pitching programs and making $250, to now doing a $100,000 per presentation and how you can do that too

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