The Un-slimy Sales Call w/ Brandi Mowles

One-to-one sales can be the most rewarding, or the most frustrating way to get people to join your program. It all comes down to the way you set up and have the sales conversation. Today Brandi Mowles is going to show you how to have high converting sales conversations without feeling pushy or slimy. With 8+ years of experience she is a weapon in sales calls, so starting today you will be transformed by the practical steps she has to offer. I’m super excited for what your business will become as soon as you take your sales calls to the next level.

As you listen to this episode you'll discover:

  1. How to (re)-incorporate one-on-one sales calls into your business model [without the fear of failure] 
  2. The practical applications of customizing your calls to your target audience… so that you get an intimate preview of your customers needs and they show up ready to buy
  3. Quick and easy tips to pre-qualifying your calls [without wasting your time on a low quality leads]

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