Getting Your Clients to Refer, Retain and Rave w/ Andrea Ames

Onboarding a new client can be overwhelming for both you and your customer. Luckily we have a special guest who is a ninja when it comes to onboarding, her name is Andrea Ames. I wanted her expertise on this podcast to really help unpack and strengthen key pillars that you might be struggling with in your onboarding process so that you can get your clients to rant, rave, and positively refer your business. 

As you listen to this episode you'll discover some of the key onboarding foundations:

  1. How to set clear and concise expectations for your new client …so that they can comfortably navigate your program 
  2. Creating an atmosphere for positive client interaction  [in order to triple your customer lifetime value]  
  3. Simple hacks to consistent cadence of your programs [without client complacency]

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